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Classic Gold Pro Adhesive

  • 2-3 seconds dry time
  • Thin, even application with a rich black finish
  • Up to 6-7 weeks bond time
  • Packaged in 5ml bottles to keep adhesive fresh

Works best in Room Temperatures between 68º - 74° degrees and Humidity between 45-55%


  • Shake vigorously for 1 min before each use
  • For best results, replace adhesive drop every 20-30 minutes
  • Avoid using lash tape to set glue on - instead use our amazing glue tray for best results



Disclaimer: This product should only be purchased and used by trained or licensed beauty professionals under extreme care. We are not responsible for the misuse of our adhesives.  Lash adhesives are extremely thin and fast acting. Adhesive should never touch the skin and can only be used on clients with completely closed eyes.

Shelf Life: 30 days after opening or 2 months unopened if stored properly.

Storage: Store adhesive in an airtight container with a silica pack in room temperature.

Sensitivity: Different adhesives have different ingredients. Adhesive fumes or the carbon black ingredient may cause allergic reaction to certain people. Performing a patch test is always recommended.

Poor Retention: Improper storage, not using enough adhesive to support a proper bond or workspace humidity can be the cause.

For best results, use a hygrometer along with a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Low Humidity - Adhesive works slower.

High Humidity - Adhesive will speed up causing poor bonding and retention issues.

Sticky or Gooey: Adhesive has spoiled due to improper storage.

Adhesive Not Dark Black in Color: Adhesive is compromised due to heat or moisture.

White Residue: Known as ‘Blooming/Frosting’. This is caused by tears or misting during application. Not applying Primer could also help.

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Q. Are your products cruelty free?

A. YES! None of our products are made from animal hair or by products. We do not consider it sanitary or hygienic to utilize lash extension products that have been made from animal hair. We are also huge lovers of animals and do not believe in cultivating products that put them at risk. We believe we can make things beautiful by being better.


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