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Training and Development

Do I need to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician to take the training?

Does your course come with a Certification?

Do I need a model to class?

Can I take the Volume Course if I have not completed the Classic Course?

If I have taken a Classic Lash Extension training somewhere else, can I take your Volume Lash Extension course?

Do you recommend that I take both Classic and Volume Lash training courses back to back or wait a few months?

What happens if I sign up for class and am unable to attend?

I'm interested in offering a training program at my Cosmetology/ Esthetics school. How does it work?

How can I become a trainer for Dulce Lash Artistry?

Can I resell your retail products?


What adhesive is best for sensitive eyes?

How long is my bottle of adhesive good for after I open it?

How should I store my adhesive?

Is your adhesive latex free?

How can I request an MSDS for your products?

What are your lash extensions made out of?

What is the difference between pre-treatment and lash prep?

Are your products Vegan or Cruelty Free?

My Account and Orders

How can I track my order?

Can I change or update my order once it has been placed?

How can I contact someone for help?

How quickly will my order arrive and what's the cost for shipping?

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