At Dulce Lash Artistry, we’re all about developing, inspiring and empowering others.

We understand that amazing education, products and support equals better results, repeat customers and increased revenue; which is why we are constantly evolving and adjusting our curriculum and products to meet the needs of Lash Artists. We stay on top of the newest application methods and product development to ensure you have a competitive advantage.

Whether you’re just starting your lash career or looking for additional ways to grow, we’ve built our company based on supporting you, the Lash Artist.

We’ve decided to take all of our years of experience, knowledge and trade secrets and share them with the world to elevate lash artistry. From product knowledge, to cool lashing application tips, to growing and managing your business - we’re here for you.

Our team of educators travel throughout the US to provide multiple training courses to start and enhance the careers of Lash Artists. We also spend countless hours behind the scenes focused on developing products of the future to meet the needs of lashing.

Our goal is to build a tribe of Lash Artists from around the world that is passionate about supporting each other and the lashing industry.



We’ve work really hard to find the best performing lash extension products that deliver incredible results every time. Products that make us different, that you can depend on and that your clients will absolutely love.

After years of research, testing, trial and error, we’ve compiled a line of products that we’re pretty proud of. Quality is at the heart of everything we do here at Dulce Lash Artistry and we’re committed to keeping our lash products safe, sustainable, and innovative.



We believe in building a community of elite Lash Artists around the world. Our education focus is to teach our students how to work smarter, dream bigger and have an amazing career while making great money simply by creating gorgeous sets of lash extensions. We push the boundaries in the industry and partner with those wanting to evolve and drive the lash movement forward.






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